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Here below is a list of all the novelty tins that have available for hire :
(please note our rental policy)

bulletR20 per pan per day
bulletCollection after 10am
bulletReturn by 10am the next day
bulletDeposit required varies from R200 to R1000 depending on the item's replacement value.

All powder and gel colours available in all colours for all of the below tins.

Teddy With Block Pooh Bear
Pooh No 1 Bugs Bunny
Gentle Lamb Pokemon
101 101 Dalmatians Pup
Telletubbies Batman
Ballerina Bear Superman
Noah's Ark Puppy
Bugs Bunny Running Rugby Ball
Rocking Horse Computer
Care Bear Barbie
Happy Clown Face Double Bell
Carousel Horse Motor Cycle
Merry Mermaid Hercules
Minnie Mouse Little Mermaid (Arial)
Little Fire Truck Pickup Truck
4 x 4 Truck Bookpan
Santa Christmas Tree
Toy Soldier Little Mouse
Bikermice Clown
Hockey Player Western Boot
Big Bird Pocahontas
Ninja Turtle Enchanted Castle
Shell Mould White Rabbit
Peek A Boo Bunny Esmeralda (Notre Dame)
Tigger Friendly Lion
Mickey Mouse Megasaurus
Little Train Lion Face
Lil Pirate Bugs Life
Tasmanian Devil Huggable Bear
3D Bear Power Ranger
Garfield Fred Flintstone
Baseball Player Hot Air Balloon
18 Wheeler Truck Barney
Race Car (Formula 1) Race Car (Stock Cars)
Bob The Builder Powerpuff Girls
Harry Potter Spiderman
Scooby Doo Little Hero
3D Cruiser Large
Disney Princess Tractor
Pirate Ship Nemo
Monkey Handbag
Crown Stork
Sunflower Mini Ball
3D Sports Ball Star
3D Winnie the Pooh Winnie The Pooh Face
Hexagon 4 sizes Ovals 4 sizes
Rounded Hearts 4 sizes Straight Sided Hearts
Numerals 0 - 9 Medium Numerals 0 - 9 Large