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Please note - should you not find an item which you are looking for on our web site, please call or email us. We might have it in store - if not, we will do our best to source it for you.


   All the ingredients you need to buy for caking making to chocolate to fruit mixes etc.


   We provide packaging for all your great creations, cakes, decorations and catering requirements.

Chocolate Making

   From chocolate products to moulds that you would need to make your own.
   We stock Barco powder & moulds, chocolate & fillings from Orley.

Tin Ware

   Tins to hire and to buy. See our Tin Ware section for more details.


   Cake Decorating tools to help you make the most amazing items.

Cake Decorating

   Decorating items to make your creations a work of art.


   Miscellaneous decorations to add a special touch to your cake.

Cake Orders

   Do you need a cake? Take a look at our Cake Orders Page for more information.

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