About Us

Kadies was bought by John and Heidi Brukman in June 2007. John and Heidi have been working together for many years starting out at Lanseria Airport in1991, where they used to cater for the private and corporate flights leaving from Lanseria Airport.  This continued for some years until they decided to sell that business in order to travel through Africa.

On return from a year travelling the southern regions of Africa, only going as far up as Zambia, they settled down on a farm in Swartruggens, where they proceeded to start up a very successful cheese factory. This they eventually closed down due to severe droughts in our country.

Heidi then proceeded to help other cheese factories with start-ups and trouble shooting in already functioning cheese factories. During this time Heidi was contacted by Damlain in Rustenburg and asked her to write and present a course in cheese making.  This was such an success, that on chatting with the head of the chef school where the course was presented, it came about that Heidi had trained at Silwood Kitchens in Rondebosh. She was then asked if she would be willing to write a course on cake decorating and then present it at the school

It was with this course in mind that John and Heidi came into the Kadies the first time, looking for various cake decorating equipment needed to present the course at Damlain. Little did they know then, that within a couple of months, they would actually purchase the shop.

It has been an incredible journey thus far. Starting out in a small 100sq m, shop, then expanding next door to a 200sq m shop and then eventually taking back the original small shop and joining the two shops together.

From starting out with just John and Heidi and one packer, the business has now grown to the diverse entity it is at present.

Kadies has a sugar art production department that manufactures most of the packaged sugar art sold in store as well as a range of custom made sugar art items, which gets manufactured on specific order from our clients.

Kadies also has a full baking kitchen which manufactures cakes and biscuits on order. They felt that they needed this department so that Kadies had the facility to be able to try out new products that come on the market as well as have butter icing always available so that they could demonstrate how to use various nozzles. So having the kitchen in store has worked out so well and is used as a promotional area to showcase various equipment sold in store.   

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