20 February 2024: Icing Class - Plastic/Fondant Icing

Plastic Icing Course

2024 – R650.00

Course content:

  • prepping cake to cover with fondant
  • Covering soft cakes with plastic icing
  • Bordering techniques


  • 1 round or square cake 

           This can be 2 cakes sandwiched together or, one cake but it must be at least 8 - 10cm high. 

           Cake Boards - 1 new one to present on and 1 larger one (to work on)

            The board must be at least 3 inches larger than the cake.

  • Note book and pen
  • Apron
  • Tea towel
  • Dish wipes/wet cloth (to keep hands and surface area clean)
  • Offset metal spatula (available for purchase at Kadies) to apply butter icing to cake
  • Small thin straight metal spatula, to trim and cut fondant PME
  • Metal scraper to create straight side to cake
  • Plastic icing (enough to cover cake – 1kg per 27cm round cake)
  • Cake smoothers (available for purchase at Kadies)
  • Rolling pin (bring if you have, otherwise one will be available to use in class)
  • Scriber (available for purchase at Kadies) or acupuncture needles 
  • Box to take cake home in 

Supplied by Kadies

  1. butter icing/Ganache 
  2. Certificate of attendance



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Kadies Class Room
39 Kingfisher Drive
South Africa
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