29 May 2018: Icing Class - Plastic/Fondant Icing

Plastic Icing Course

2018 – R425.00

Course content:


  • Covering soft cakes with plastic icing
  • Making royal icing - demonstration
  • Basic piping
  • Stencelling


  • 1 round or square soft cake on a cake board:

This can be 2 cakes sandwiched together or one cake but it must be at least 8 - 10cm high. The board must be at least 3 inches larger than the cake.

  • Note book and pen
  • Apron
  • Tea towel
  • Dish wipes/wet cloth (to keep hands and surface area clean)
  • Non-serrated table knife or small offset metal spatula (available for purchase at Kadies)
  • Plastic icing (enough to cover cake – 1kg per 27cm round cake)
  • Cake smoothers (available for purchase at Kadies)
  • Rolling pin (bring if you have, otherwise one will be available to use in class)
  • Scriber (available for purchase at Kadies)
  • Medium glass bowl or beer mug (500ml to 1l capacity)
  • 2 disposable icing bags. (available for purchase at Kadies)
  • No 16 icing nozzle
  • A dessert spoon

Supplied by Kadies

  1. butter icing
  2. royal icing
  3. Certificate of attendance

Butter icing recipe used in class

1kg icing sugar

500g softened butter/wooden spoon marg

2tsp clear vanilla essence

  1. Soften butter till smooth and soft
  2. Slowly add icing sugar until blended
  3. Color and use

Royal icing Recipe

100g egg white

486g icing sugar

mix with k-Beater for 8 Min


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Kadies Class Room
39 Kingfisher Drive
South Africa
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