06 July 2019: PME DIPLOMA COURSE - Flower Paste Module


This course takes place over 5 lessons of 5-6 hours each lesson running either on a Saturday afternoon form 1pm to 7pm or  Monday Mornings starting at 9am to 3pm. Mostly it runs 5 consecutive weeks but sometimes due to public holidays and prior arrangement we will skip a week in-between some classes.

This course dates is as follows

Saturdays 6,13,20,27 July, last day 3 August 2019

PME Sugar Flower Icing Module R4 500.00 (includes a toolkit to keep and all cakes, dummies and icing used in class


Sugar Flowers Module

Lesson 1

Professional Business Approach

  • Sugar flowers for business – can be made from a wide range of edible pastes including: Sugar paste/ Rolled fondant/plastic icing, Flower paste/modelling paste/gum paste and Marzipan
  • Principles of unwired and wired flowers
  • Take note of Page 2 in Module

Introduction to unwired sugar flowers

  • Sugar paste requirements for unwired flowers
  • Ideal for cakes and specifically cupcakes
  • Plunger cutters - blossoms, daisies, gerbera’s and ass veined leaves

Floral plaques

  • Embossed plaques
  • Gerbera Daisy plaque with ivy leaves
  • Ass colourful plunger flowers for spring

Simple unwired flowers

  • Unwired open rose – either use metal cutter or separate 5 petal cutter
  • Lesson 2

Professional Business Approach

  • The use of alternate flowers including silk, fresh and commercially prepared flowers

Introduction to wired sugar flowers

  • The flowers made here is to be used in flower spray in last lesson
  • Fantasy flowers making use of calyx cutters for single and multi-layered flowers
  • Mexican hat flowers/ pulled flowers/simple buds
  • Making use of stamens to create realistic feel to fantasy flowers
  • Using cutting wheels to do basic embossing on flower buds
  • Fuchsia
  • Lily of the valley
  • Make cones for roses
  • Make lily centers

Lesson 3

Professional Business Approach

  • Adding non edible decorations to enhance floral sprays and arrangements like ribbon, beads, feathers, lace and jewellery
  • Disclaimer for all non-edibles on cakes

Traditional rose

  • 5 petal cutter
  • Individual cutters


  • Rose leaf spray
  • Ivy leaf spray

Traditional Lilly’s


Lesson 4

Professional Business Approach

  • Basic guidelines for arranging flowers
  • Assorted flower Bouquets

Assorted flowers

  • Freesia
  • Cattleya orchid
  • Small cymbidium orchid
  • Carnation

Lesson 5

Professional Business Approach

  • Decorating cake stands
  • Sugar Flower Pricing

Flowers to make

  • Honeysuckle
  • Arum Lily

Dusting of all flowers

Making flower sprays

Presentation of certificates

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Kadies Class Room
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