19 August 2019: PME DIPLOMA COURSE - Royal Icing Module

This course takes place over 5 lessons of 5-6 hours each lesson running either on a Saturday afternoon form 12pm to 6pm or  Monday Mornings starting at 9am to 3pm. Mostly it runs 5 consecutive weeks but sometimes due to public holidays and prior arrangement we will skip a week in-between some classes.

This course dates is as follow

Mondays 19 & 26 August, 2,9 & 23 September skip16 September


Royal Icing and Piping module


Overview of what we will be covering in this module

Professional Business Approach

  • The principles of Piping techniques and their uses within a business consept
  • The principles of cover a marzipan covered cake with royal icing. Pg 39 Cake and Sugar fowers book

Flat Ice 7” round 10cm deep cake with butter icing

  • This cake is to be used to display your icing and piping skills for your diploma
  • Demonstrate the use of side scrapers and icing ruler
  • This cake is to be used to present piping skills for your diploma

Piping techniques first on plastic sheet and practice board (then on 7” round cake)

  • Bulbs, rope borders, straight lines, shells, C & S scrolls
  • These same technique’s needs to be done in royal icing and presented on sample board
  • Always precede sample piping on board with nozzle number

Roll out and cut plaques for next lesson - inscriptions


Lesson 2

Professional Business Approach

  • The importance of inscriptions
  • Balance and assembly of a multitiered cake

Demonstration of how to make Royal Icing and discuss how to cover a cake with royal icing

  • Two ways to make and store royal icing a] by hand mixing or b] electric mixer
  • Royal icing recipe: 100g egg white to 486g icing sugar, beat 4 min for flooding and 8 min for piping scrolls ets

Brush Embroidery

  • Roll out plaque and emboss motif on plaque
  • Practice brush embroidery on plastic sheet

Piped Flowers pg 116 -118 Cake Decorating Book

  • Chrysanthemum Wisteria Sweet-pea
  • Rose Side rose Daisy/blossom
  • Pansy Carnation


Inscriptions on plaques

  • Pipe assorted themed messages on practice sheet
  • Create a nice inscription plaque using techniques taught so far


Lesson 3

Professional Business Approach

  • Cutting of a cake
  • Cake portions

Run-out’s or colour flow techniques

  • How to prepare a board to do a runout
  • Discuss various options of paper for runouts
  • Remember to cut a cross in middle of runout borders to relieve pressure on design
  • Demonstrate top collar runout making sure no borders show
  • Demonstrate various ways to fill spaces in runout designs

i.e. trellis work(criss cross design), filigreepg 42 Art of Cake decoratind, cornelli work

  • Chose a runout to do and complete
  • Create runout top collar and or border for one of your cakes
  • Create letters and numbers in runouts
  • Make swan or any other runout for top of cake

Lesson 4

Professional Business Approach

  • Boxes and packaging for cakes
  • Transporting cakes

Students to bring hexagonal dummy covered in fondant

Extension and bridge work (on two sides of cake)

  • How to measure design for cake
  • Always add a little tylose
  • Piping bridge work to take on extension work design
  • Do new technique per side of cake

Lace and lace borders

  • Practice various lace designs
  • Make sufficient lace to use on your cake

Side embroidery designs and broidery anglaise

  • Create side embroidery design and pipe on two sides of cake
  • Create broidery anglaise design and pipe on last two sides of cake




Professional Business Approach

  • Delivery to venue
  • Delivery charges
  • Assembly and presentation of cake at venue

Students to bring 6”round dummy cake on 8”round board covered all in one for oriental string work

Students to bring 6”round dummy cake loose with 9”round covered board

Advanced piped borders like oriental string work

  • The art of cake decorating pg 24 &25

Assembly of run-out onto 6” cake placed on top of decorated 9” board

Finalizing all projects for presentation

Presentation of certificates

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