28 January 2019: PME DIPLOMA COURSE - Sugar Paste Module

This course takes place over 5 lessons of 5-6 hours each lesson running either on a Saturday afternoon form 11am to 5pm or  Monday Mornings starting at 9.30am to 3.30pm. Mostly it runs 5 consecutive weeks but sometimes due to public holidays and prior arrangement we will skip a week in-between some classes.

This course dates is as followes

Mondays - 28 Jan 2019, 4,11,18,25 February 2019

PME Sugar Paste Icing Module R4 500.00 (includes a toolkit to keep and all cakes, dummies and icing used in class

Lesson 1

Theory - Color, quantities of paste needed to cover cakes

1. Covering a fruit cake with persipan and plastic icing (to be used in lesson 4)

2. Covering of cake boards and use of impression mats or rollers

3. Use of Crimper

4. Quilting (criss cross paterning) on side of cake 

5. Fabric flowers and creative plaque idea’s

Lesson 2

Theory - Health and Hygiene in kitchen, taking of cake orders, deposits and payments

1. Covering a large deep cake (Dummy) with fondant

2. Making rice crispy treat and covering it in fondant

3. Make modelling chocolate

4. Basic modeling

Lesson 3

Theory - cake costings and pricing, cake portioning, basic recipes

1. Assorted bows and ribbons

2. Assorted Frills and it uses 

3. Broidery Anglaise 

Lesson 4

Theory - taking cake orders, good prictice and disclaimers and the hiring or renting of equipment

1. Preparing an 8" round 4 inch deep sponge cake with buttercream to cover in fondant

2. Cover round cake and board all in

3. Fabric swags and drapes

Lesson 5

Theory - Copy right and licensed designs

Bring all projects from previous classes

1. Stacking of cakes

2. Assorted fondant decorations

3. Make assorted sugar decorations

Finalize all projects for grading


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Kadies Class Room
39 Kingfisher Drive
South Africa
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