Kadies Ginger Bread Men

Kadies Ginger Bread Men

Step 1. Heat together till butter melted and cool 5 min ( butter mixture)

125g (250g) butter

75g (150g) soft brown sugar

175g (350g) golden syrup or treacle

Step 2. Sift together in large bowl

450g (900g) cake flour

3 ½ tsp (7tsp) ground ginger

2 ½ tsp (5tsp) ground cinnamon

2 tsp (4tsp) bicarb

Step 3. Add and stir with wooden spoon until combined

Butter mixture

1 egg (2)

lightly beaten

1 tsp (2tsp) vanilla extract

Divide dough in half and knead each portion on a floured service

Roll out 5mm (1/2 cm thick) cut out ginger bread men and place on oven tray

Bake @180deg C for approx. 10min. cool on trays.

Ice with royal icing made with one egg white and 160g icing sugar and decorate with sweeties

Tip If mixture in step 3 is dry and crumbly add a little more beaten egg- enough to make it feel like play dough


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